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Delft, the Netherlands; June 2014;
Waterlilies and Ducks in the Canal Return a Bicycle to Earth



Longsight, Manchester; February 2014;
Double Rainbow with Magpie Over Red Church and Neon Topiary



Liverpool, England; August 2013;
The sand remembers the waves.



Llangollen, Wales; August 2013;
Ruined castle that the sheep now rule.



Salford, England; May 2013;
Saford Quays swan parade.



Grindleford, England; May 2013;
Tiny flowers growing through the mossy enchanted floor.


Moss Side

Moss Side, Manchester; March 2013;
Moss and wild tulips.


Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel, France; March 2013;
Sheep and castle sunset.



Saint-Malo, Bretagne; March 2013;
Empty bathing pool on the other side of the Atlantic.



Carnac, Bretagne; March 2013;
Spirit and ghost trees in enchanted forests.


Manchester Lace

Manchester, England; January 2013;
Petals like lace cascading.


Jonesville Winter

Jonesville, Virginia; January 2013;
The last evening at home.



Roan Mountain, Tennessee; October 2012;
Mediterranean Donkeys waiting for pretzels.



Asheville, North Carolina; October 2012;
Honey alpacas.



Buffalo Mountain; September 2012;
The moon and our headlights, the only things to see.


Sulphur Springs

Sulphur Spring, Tennessee; September 2012;
White barns in blue twilight.



Harmony, Tennessee; August 2012;
White cows, clouds.



Istanbul, Turkey; June 2012.
Hollyhock in neon pink glow



Fethiye, Turkey; June 2012;
Seuss-like flowers with summer sun.



Olympos, Turkey; May 2012;
Ancient ruins in the green river washing toward the sea.



Kütahya, Turkey; May 2012;
Sun setting through chimneys and clouds.



Harran, Turkey; April 2012;
Goat grazing near the metallic dome in the land of sparkling gowns.



Şanlıurfa, Turkey; April 2012;
White fish emerges from the depths then disappears.



The Space Around Us All; April 2012;
The most intimate of gooseberries.


Olive Trees

Iznik, Turkey; April 2012;
A dreamworld I stumbled into, an orchard with olive trees and violets.


Iznik Lake

Iznik Lake, Turkey; April 2012;
A duck diving toward the submerged Nicene church.



Myra, Turkey; April 2012;
Abandoned cave tombs from the Lycian times.


Spiked Tree

Mediterranean Seashore, Turkey; March 2012;
A tree from another dimension.



Kaş, Turkey; March 2012;
A goose dancing the swan lake.


Konya Snow

Konya, Turkey; February 2012;
The heavy snow weighs down the things we built.



Fethiye, Turkey; February 2012;
The Ties that Bind, sitting sleepily.



Yanıklar, Turkey; February 2012
Synchronized ducks, swimming.



Edirne, Turkey; January 2012;
Birds over domes in the Balkans with sun shining through snowfilled atmosphere.


Sea of Marmara

The Sea of Marmara, Turkey; December 2011;
Ships depart into the mist of eternity.



Bursa, Turkey; December 2011;
Life retakes the old castle wall while Ulu Mountain heralds the sun.


Phrygian Valley

Phrygian Valley, Turkey; November 2011;
The land of Aesop and King Midas, where all the earth seems golden.


Aizanoi Turkies

Aizanoi, Turkey; November 2011;
Wild turkeys, electric glowing gobblers, and one with rainbow tail.



Jekyll Island, Georgia; June 2011;
Wasteland, island, desert(ed).


Georgia Moon

Night Sky Over Georgia, March 2010;
The moon departs from new leaves of coming Spring.



Atlantic Ocean; November 2010;
Seabirds chase us as the sun departs.


Rosy Maple Moth

Athens, Georgia; July 2010;
Rosy Maple Moth waits for true love.


Turkey Vulture

Kendricks Creek Valley, Tennessee; July 2010;
Turkey Buzzard near the Old Highway.


Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast, California; June 2010;
Wildflowers along the shore, waves crashing onto boulders.


Snake River Plain

Snake River Plain, Idaho; May 2010;
Sunbeams falling over flatlands.



Eastern Wyoming; May 2010
Endless expanses of green toward endless expanses of blue


Black Hills

Black Hills, South Dakota; May 2010;
Towers of rocks, sparkling stones in a sacred land.



Badlands, South Dakota; May 2010;
Earth rocks like moon rocks.



Stickleyville, Virginia; December 2009;
Snow in the valleys of the Appalachians.



Jonesville, Virginia; December 2009;
Deer in the snowy field beside the forest of my childhood.


July 2009 Sky

Clouds above the United States; July 2009;
Clouds like a sea covering the earth.

Red-tail Hawk

Athens, Georgia; March 2009;
Watching this red-tail hawk as he was watching me (for hours) in the snow.


One-eyed Cardinal

Jonesville, Virginia; December 2008;
The one-eyed cardinal through binoculars.



Johnson City, Tennessee; June 2008;
A 17-year cicada dances with our fingers in the Tennessee manifestation.



Istanbul, Turkey; May 2008;
A bag floating in the Sea of Marmara that says “believe”, surrounded by jellyfish.


Boone Lake

Boone Lake, Tennessee; Circa 2006;
Crawdad Clasping the Light



I do maintain that to take a direct interest in the beauty of nature…is always the mark of a good soul.   -Immanuel Kant


For those to whom a stone reveals itself as sacred, its immediate reality is transmuted into supernatural reality. In other words, for those who have a religious experience all nature is capable of revealing itself as cosmic sacrality.   -Mircea Eliade

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